Site eligibility

As the focus of ARCHERY is to evaluate whether this technology would be suitable for use in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), participant sites must be high volume regional academic hubs located in such a country. These centres must have experience in cancer research and the infrastructure to both conduct the study and support future implementation.  

The minimum requirements for site participation in the ARCHERY study are as follows:

    1. Have Federalwide Assurance (FWA)
    2. Must provide CT based radiotherapy planning for head and neck, cervical and prostate cancers for a minimum of 30 patients per year for each tumour type
    3. Must use Eclipse, Monaco, Pinnacle, Accuray Precision or RayStation treatment planning systems
    4. Radiotherapy treatment must be delivered using a linear accelerator

Exclusion criteria for site participation include:

    1. Exclusive use of cobalt-based radiotherapy treatment
    2. Site does not use IMRT or VMAT based radiotherapy planning for head and neck, cervical or prostate cancer
    3. Site does not use standardised international guidelines/protocols for target volume contouring and dosimetric radiation constraints

There are further requirements regarding adequate resourcing, principal investigator qualifications and agreements. If you are interested in participation and meet the above basic criteria we can provide you with full details of our requirements and a copy of the protocol. Please contact us to discuss.  

Archery is funded by Rising Tide and NIH